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New terminology appeared in Hungarian Customs regulations

Be prepared with us and avoid fines.

Knowing your customs procedures and all related service in well-prepared and safe hands – that is a common wish. Our aim is to offer you relief – even in an ever-changing environment. Based on the lattest decision and regulation of the Hungarian Hall, having a reliable and up-to-date Partner is just getting more important.

What is in the background?

The Hall has just reinforced a procedure of Hungarian Customes Authorities which enables to declare a duty deficit – and charge a fine up to 50% of it - even though it did not cause harm to governmental budget. This new regulation can be called ’quasi’ duty deficit and its principal says that paying the customs duties does not mean automatically that duty deficit did not happened. So basically a simple administartion failing – that does not involve the customs duty – can cause a huge fine that can reach 50% of the declared duty deficit.


We know that customs processess require up-to-date knowledge and our professional team is here to assist you. Should you have any questions just contact us today.