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Back Customs Clearance and Brokerage Services

Clear the way through customs and accelerate your border crossings.

With intensified trade barriers and customs compliance requirements, supply chain management becomes more complex. Wherever you need customs expertise, we have the people, licences and permits to clear your shipments on schedule. Here in Hungary we offer our services by a sub-contractor, who previously met and exceeded our high standards. That guarantees your satisfaction - no matter what sort of customs-related procedures you are facing with. Why should you turn to us?

High level of service: our subcontractor accomplished a long auditation process which is followed by regular measuerments

Proven history: our brokerage has highly skilled professionals, beside that they play an active and leading role in the life of domestic customs associations

Certifications: AEO certification with proven competences. Active role in the life of customs associations enables to know and apply the best methods of customs processes, while being alligned with all the relevant laws.

We know that customs processess require up-to-date knowledge. Should you have any questions just contact us today.